Personalised Investment Management Service

Our flagship investment management service is intended for clients with £250,000 and above, where a tailored portfolio is most appropriate to meet their specific goals. It is also available for offshore and US-connected clients.

  • We take on the administration for in-specie stock transfers
  • Investment manager manages capital gains within the portfolio
  • Ability to hold direct equities
  • Flexibility to accommodate ethical preferences and exclude certain asset classes or funds
  • Can be managed in line with a client’s unique income requirements
  • Portfolio can be administered for the benefit of the whole family, including the children
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Investment management services for US connected clients

Due to the complexity around US reporting requirements, many investment managers find US-connected clients too onerous to work with. However, our dedicated US team has the experience and supporting infrastructure to meet these needs and we can provide a full range of discretionary investment services to US-connected clients.

In most cases, our clients’ assets are held with our New Jersey-based custodian, one of the world’s largest, which provides safe custody and all of the necessary US tax reporting.

The minimum portfolio size for this service is US$300,000 or sterling equivalent.

Offshore investment management

Our comprehensive investment management capability means we can also provide investment services for those seeking custody offshore. We have a truly global client base and considerable experience working with non-UK situs assets and non-UK sourced income.

Clients with offshore portfolios receive the same highly personalised service as those with accounts held in the UK and their investments are managed using the same tried and tested philosophy.

The minimum portfolio size for this service is £250,000