Tilney Global Active Portfolios

Actively managed unitised funds, available in five different risk profiles and strategies Managed by the same team behind our Tilney Active Portfolios funds, they provide investors with easy access to a truly international investment strategy.

These UCITS-compliant funds are US-dollar denominated; hedged share classes are also available in euro, sterling, and Swiss franc.

Available from £1,000.

View our latest Tilney Global Active Portfolios factsheets:

Tilney Global Defensive Portfolio

Tilney Global Income Portfolio

Tilney Global Balanced Portfolio

Tilney Global Growth Portfolio

Tilney Global Adventurous Portfolio

Tilney Active Portfolios

A unitised solution comprising nine actively managed portfolios that follow the very best thinking of our investment office. These multi-asset funds are available from a minimum investment of £1,000.

  • Diversified, multi-asset fund
  • Each portfolio invests across six asset classes
  • No VAT
  • Can be held across all tax wrappers
  • Available direct or across a range of platforms